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A girl's ability to silence the world

I was just resting after coming to school when I recall that I have to make a speech and perform in front of the teacher. (Thank god it's not in front of the class.) So, I fired up my laptop and opened up Microsoft word. But wait, How am I going to type my speech when I don't know the subject? That's where the video comes in. I first had to watch a video of a speech called "The girl who silenced the world in 5 minutes". It's a speech by Severn Cullis-Suzuki when she addressed the delegates in the UN conference on environment and development. It's meaningful speech that tackles pollution and poverty. Since I know the subject now, I wrote this speech. Hope you enjoy it.

Good morning, teachers, and classmates. My name is ------------------------. I am a simple grade 11 student and I’m here to ask you to spare me a bit of your time to convince you to change your ways.

Now, let me ask you this question “ Is the planet we live in, a great place to live?”

People might say that with all this technology and attractions that, yes! It is a great place to live!

But let me avert your eyes for a moment. From all this technology, trends, and society; there is a world we never get to see. Sure, we might have glimpses of it from time to time but we never fully experience it.

That’s why I’m here now to help you see this world we didn’t see. To help you visualize and maybe, even learn to prevent it.

Now, Imagine this…

You are casually walking down the street when you accidentally took a wrong turn and find yourself in the slums of your city. You see children starving, unsheltered and begging in the streets. That’s not all. Now, visualize that you are in the Pasig River. There is a brown color in the water and the fishes don’t dare to swim in these parts since they’ll die from the pollutants in the water.

Let’s get back to the question. Is the planet we live in, a great place?

You’ll probably say no now. But why made you say no? Is it because of the starving children? Or is it a polluted environment?

They are both correct but the one reason that caused this is greed.

Let’s be honest, we sometimes forget about these things right? We don’t notice these things because of our own greed. Let’s check other countries as examples, other countries in Europe have all the thing they want to have. A good economy, a good market, technology, the list goes on. Now let’s see the other third world countries, they’re the exact opposite of the European countries. Why can’t we just put our differences down and help one another?

Why can’t we grow together?

Why can’t we just demolish this greed in each one of us?

I leave these questions up to you to answer. For now, let us do our best to value our time on this planet and prevent all this from happening. Thank you for listening.

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