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An open letter to growing up

Dear growing up,

I've known you since, well, I was a baby.

In my toddler days, I ignored you and your warnings. And I just continued playing and dreaming of made-up stories in my head.

Later on, I became an elementary student. At that time of my life I began dreaming and wanting see the world on my own; wanting to grow; wanting you. It was naive of me to think of that time.

Adolescence came and slowly tore my naive mind away. I became a bit more aware of you and your so called "warnings'. My eyes finally saw to good and the bad. And soon I started to despise you.

Why you ask? because you tore away my childhood and replaced it with responsibilities.

For the longest time I hated you.

However, I can't hate you for long....

Because, through out these years you also taught me to be on my own. You taught me to cry. You taught me to have fun and live in the moment. And finally, you taught me to accept life.

Remember this, even if you don't answer me, or if I always question why you're always there; always remember that I also thank you for letting me a chance to grow up.



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