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June 6, 2019

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

It's time to get comfy, chips at the side, and blast that indie music. It's time to tell the story of what happened yesterday.

I'll skip the preparation details and get straight to the point, We passed by the gas station first to fill some gas and buy food since most of my family didn't eat because we needed to be there at the SMX convention early for the cosmetics convention. After waiting for the food to come, we quickly went back to the highway. I drank my milk tea as I listened to the music I downloaded this morning while they were preparing. I know that drinking cold drinks in the morning is bad but I didn't care anyway I was too busy being in my own world. Just imagining my worries and trying to replace them with my own stories. My thoughts are always like this, my own escape from the world I have.

We passed by many noteworthy areas in Manila, like Manila bay, the old abandon theaters, And many more. At Manila bay, I thought of the old statues, the poor beggars that live there, and the construction wall that blocks the view. It's even funny how one statue that faced towards the bay couldn't even see the whole thing. When we passed by the old abandon theaters, my family talked about politics.

I wasn't supposed to say anything, then a question surfaced on my mind; "Why is journalism so life-threatening when it comes to politics?" My mom answered, "It's because politicians are sensitive when it comes to their image to the people, so they take action whenever a journalist says something bad about them"

I thought of that answer for a while, then I began to just imagine different things instead.

We arrived at the SMX convention, and to be honest, I don't really care about cosmetics I joined since it's been a while that I went out to this place. Especially Mall of Asia. We first went to the booth of the company my mom works in and there we saw two of her office mates and friends. After that, we explored the convention and got free samples, bought some cosmetics, and got a lot of flyers. My aunt and sister even tried the gem acupuncture thing in their ears, now their ears are bedazzled! A funny thing also happened were, my aunt became an accidental model two times!

After exploring all of it, we said our goodbyes to my mom's friends and went to the Mall of Asia to eat and shop. I bought some stuff at fully booked. And after that, we went home pretty tired.

And that was all we did, It was super fun to go back to the Mall of Asia. (Despite the tremendous amount of people). That's all the storytime I had. So, thank you for reading

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