• @SimpleWisps

Bucket of 🍟

This is just a short story from the past. I think of it as "blessing" which is quite a bold but funny thing to say if you know the story. 

My mom, aunt and I went to the mall for some shopping and groceries. It was afternoon and we went to a fast food restaurant for some take out. My aunt ordered the food. She ordered a "Bucket of fries" and other food as well. The cashier she ordered from was a new employee, so when she said "bucket of fries" the cashier literally put fries on a plastic bucket. Normally, the "bucket of fries" we asked are smaller. What we got has more fries. As fries lover like myself, I took advantage of this rare opportunity and persuaded mom and auntie not to refund it. 

I went home happy with my "bucket of fries