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Fortune cookies

My family visited dad in Ireland when I was 10yrs old. We stayed at dad's flat (apartment). Luckily dad's roommate wasn't there since she went home to her family. Unfortunately my aunt, who's supposed to join us, did'nt joined because her visa was rejected but we bought her a lot of bags and souvenirs. We stayed there for a month. It was fun and had a lot of funny moments like this:

I remembered we went to a Chinese restaurant for the birthday party of my dad's friend. I met this girl who's the daughter of my dad's friend that's also the same age of me. She's nice and tries to talk to me but because of my shy nature & socially awkwardness, I didn't talk to her. 😓

There,I had my first fortune cookie. I never tried one of these before. The waiter served us the cookies.The three of us  cracked the cookies and pulled out the paper inside. My dad on the other hand just put the whole thing on his mouth without knowing what's inside. So when we asked him where the paper is, he spat out the paper from his mouth. At least he didn't swallow it but we laughed so hard it left a lasting image for me.

That was a good memory.



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