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Grape 🍇

While in homeschool I had another bizarre dream. I'm a bit thankful that I wrote some of these dreams in my journal. Here's how it goes:

" I was woken up in bed by my friend who was standing in the side (for the sake of protecting the person's name, I'll named them "grape"). Grape told me what happened from the beginning.

They stated that we met at a convenient store and I helped them walk home to their house because, apparently their dad was a doctor and is still at home. Their dad thanked me and offered me to sleep in one of their rooms for the night because it's already midnight. That's why I was there in their house.

After explaining, I got up from bed and grape folded the blankets. I tried to help but they insisted on doing it by themselves. After that, I just asked where the bathroom is.

I entered the bathroom and it was large and mostly empty room. The only things there are a toilet, and a bathtub. I took a long while there.(I don't remember much about this part)

I got out of the bathroom and saw grape wearing their school uniform. They thanked me and left, going to school. I was all alone because it seems everyone gone outside. I decided to hang around a bit and watch drama in their tv. I started to question things until finally I realized I was asleep in real life"

Questions I try not to ask anymore but couldn't keep it to myself:

Why is grape's dad a doctor?

I don't remember theri dad being that.

2. Where are the other family members? 

I only met grape and their dad there.

3. Why did I took so long in the bathroom?


4. Why did I decided to crash at Grape's house?

I admit that was pretty cool and rebellious of me.

Anyway, stupid dream,stupid questions.



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