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Late summer nostalgia

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The skies are bright and the clouds looking like marshmallows. Listening to summer salt while typing this as the cold air from the air conditioning makes my skin shiver. My sister left to go outside the room. Leaving me alone in this room. It's either she doesn't like the music, or just picking up something from the other room. It doesn't matter anyway, I'm having a calm afternoon. The music changes from one song to another as I slowly type away on my keyboard.

As I type away, so many thoughts began to resurface from the deep ocean that is my mind...

With these hands of mine, I typed it all away.

I remember the day I went back to my journal and begin writing again. "It's been awhile writing at these pages," I said. It makes me wonder why I stopped in the first place. Probably because of the many events that happened last summer. Some were bad, others were good. I can't help but gravitate towards the bad, but somewhere deep inside, I'm still pretty hopeful. I guess I became a bit more mature...

I recall a day where I was in a car with my aunt. we talked about health and family, then I began to talk about my enemy when I was at elementary. She asked me why I was still angry about him. of course, I told her multiple reasons, mainly the reason because he's cocky. However, somewhere inside my heart, I questioned why I still hate him. I mean, that's already a long time ago right? Should I forgive the guy already? We used to be best friends, why did we ever fight? All these thoughts circling around my mind. Then we arrived at our destination.

Suddenly, the typing sounds stopped.

My sister returned to the room I was in and played some Sims 4. I looked at the window as I checked if it's going to rain again. Then a memory resurfaced, of the first day that rained. And the rainy season was close.

I was playing Sims, and building a house there as my sister slept and my aunt watching Netflix outside our room. My mom was at a team-building event so she wasn't at home. Then a sound was heard.

"Pit Pat"

It started on a few raindrops, they became a shower of raindrops. "It rained...." my aunt said as she checked if I and my sister was alright. It looked so gloomy, yet the sound of rain oddly calms me.

Despite all this, we continued to do our own things. Then the doorbell rang. mom's home...

After I recall all those memories, I realize how long I typed and I began to feel satisfied.

If you're ever wondering what summer salt is here is a link to check out their music.


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