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November 22, 2018

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

My guide to relaxing

(I know this isn't really an original topic, heck you could even find this in other blogs!


If you're willing to read a bit I would like to share my tips for relaxing)

  1. Just stop and think

Are you worried about your grade? Are you stressed because your friend is really pushy or clingy lately?  Did you forget to buy your niece a birthday present?

Those are some examples of our daily struggles in our life. Well, except for that last one, that's my problem.

Sometimes you just want to breakdown and just drift away from those problems. Of course, you can't "physically" do that, But try to think for a moment. If you know you're really stressed, how about resting for awhile. We may find a solution to our problems if we clear our minds.

2. Find a comfy corner

So now you've stopped what you're doing and now planning to relax. Now, you need to find a place where you've hidden away from the ever judging eyes of society. Try staying in your room, maybe bring your pillows and banket hide in an attic or understairs closet if you can't relax there. If you're outside or in public, firstly good luck finding peace there! Secondly, try to find a place where there are not many people. Maybe there's a hidden area in your town's park. But I do highly recommend staying in your room and turning the air conditioning on.

3. Get comfy and jam out!

Finally, I found a place to relax...

Now what?

Roll yourself into a blanket burrito and listen to fantastic music! Listen to whatever you like, maybe listen to it without earphone! If someone enters or is looking is judging you, look them straight to the eye and continue what you're doing without a single care.

I often listen to really calm and "artsy" music.( I couldn't really describe it)

Here some youtube channels I'd recommend:

In love with a ghost




Snail's house


(Haha, I'm real weeb)

     4. Do whatever the heck you want

After you've settled enough, do whatever that relaxes you! Maybe you could try drawing again! Or watch that series you wanted to watch for so long. You can try to catch up on that event on that game you play. Oooooooorrrrrrrrrrrr, you could take a nap and dream about something. ( maybe about someone~)

For me, sleeping is always the answer.

      5. Snapback to reality

After relaxing and calming down. We have to get back to reality. I know it's pretty odd to see this as a tip. I mean, Existential truth in my relaxing tips! Get out!

All joking aside, we have to eventually need to plan what we'll do next. Try planning it one by one so that you won't stress yourself again.

For me, I start with the easy problems first before doing the complicated ones.

Aaaaannnnnnddd, that's all. After you've calmed down, try studying now, talk to your friend, maybe I should buy a present now.

That's all of it. You don't have to really follow all of it. Just do whatever you do and remember to calm yourself down sometimes



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