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My Marawi siege esaay

Hi guys! just a heads up, This is my first post in the new wix app. so I'm still learning how this all works. I'm still a noob at this... anyways on to the story! er, essay...

Hope y'all enjoy it!

As I read the article of the Marawi seige I learned alot about what happened and the effect it.

The marawi seige started on may 23 2017 In the Philippines and it ended on october 23 2017.

As the battle goes on, many people are forced to flee and leave their homes in Marawi city. It makes me sad to think such chaos could happen to this country, let alone in the island of Mindanao.

The soldiers fought so hard to keep the terrosists at bay. Many of them lost their lives just to protect others.

I learned that people have their own ideologies. Such are the terrorists, which uses violence and radical ways to prove a point. They are people who just want to change the views of the world but in a negative way.

With this new found information, we could find more ways to prevent this from happening again.