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My woes on Eros

Eros refers to "passionate love" or romantic love

Love songs and stories, they always go hand-in-hand. Just like a cheesy couple. Going on dates on amusement parks, Holding hands, kissing in the Ferris wheel. Clichè things only happening in the movies.

I still don't understand love. Let me rephrase that; I do understand love, just not the Eros kind of love. I just don't get all about the affections one has to the other. All the holding hands, the cheesy nicknames, the embarrassing kisses; it's weird to me.

All those aside, I guess, I could understand a bit of that. I mean, everyone wants to show off the ones they love. I don't get it, but I want to still understand it.

I want to feel what it's like to be in love someday. To have your heart pounding, to have to cry because of a love confession, to my breath be taken away from a kiss. Things that only happen in movies. But then again, they only happen in movies...

I guess it will only happen in movies...

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