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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

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I couldn't sleep.

Maybe it's because of the worries I have for tomorrow. Or maybe it's because of the milk tea I drank tonight? I don't know. Still, I'm awake for some reason.

The night is beautiful in the city. The lights from the buildings, the moving lights of the cars, the sound of the trains, and the darkness of the night in the background. I feel at peace at our little apartment above all that. I wish the night would just stay like this. Being enveloped by the darkness.

But alas, the sun also rises and we'll be back to our normal lives. Doing school work, office work those kinds of stuff. Forgetting the night, forgetting this peace. We were busy with our lives beneath the sun that we forget to appreciate the night. We forget to appreciate ourselves.

Well, who am I to say this?

I'm just a random person who can't sleep. But remember this, appreciate the night and appreciate yourself. Maybe something might happen...

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