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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

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Lazy summer afternoons always get me stirred up. Why? It's not because of the summer heat, or the zero things to do. It's the fact that I'm sitting beside you right now that I'm stressed. Sitting close, roughhousing a little bit, chatting away our worries. That's how our friendship been ever since childhood. And you've never failed to amaze me with that strange smile of yours every time your stupidity hits you. Even from all that, you're still my friend. However, lately, I have started to get shy whenever I talk to you...Don't get me wrong, I'm usually not that shy when It comes to your attention. But I'm starting to have these feelings for you. As clichè as this sounds, I don't know when it began but I do say, it's confusing the hell out of me. I might feel a warmth in my chest first then immediately change to pain when you leave. It's not that I hate it. It just feels weird. I guess this is love, right? The only question now is if you feel the same too... Who am I kidding, there's a large chance that you'll flat out reject me. Still, is it bad to try?"Wait for me at the meteor shower event, there's something I have to say to you..."These words I spit out felt like a constellation. A trail that leads me to my future.

Music Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfws7ZqbnXw

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