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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

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A string of makeshift lights covered the ceiling of the abandoned building. Flower decorations made from candy wrappers and tissues align the walls. Everything seemed dirty or disgusting yet beautiful and well-decorated at the same time. People might say it as weird and filthy but she didn't mind. All of it is perfect in her eyes. And the addition of her lover standing below a chandelier made from paper machè and her friends and family standing to the side, it felt like a fairy tale scene.

Their friends played instruments made from trash. He extended his hand and welcomed her to dance. She gladly accepted and they start to dance. A step to the front, a step to the right; They were nervous but they still continue. A step from the left, a step from the back; he held tighter and she as well. Everyone smiling at the romantic sight. A step to the front, a step in his foot; he felt pain from his foot but still danced. They apologized at the same time. As they realized it, they laughed from their silliness. A turn and a dip. Others slowly joined in on the dance. Smiling happily in this Apocalyptic world.

In her eyes, everything is perfect. She doesn't care about the war. She doesn't care about which side she'll join. She doesn't care about this fucked up world. All that she cares now, is her moment. This moment. Dancing With her lover. It's funny to think that a nurse and a soldier from the other side would be together. Being banished from their respective sides, they made an oasis. Their oasis, their love, all of this is her day. A happy moment between the War.

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