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Rambling of the down


It was all white. My mind was numb and I have no idea what to do. It's like a white sand desert. No people, no plant, no object, nothing in sight. Then just like my hair, a black line flooded my thoughts. Growing bigger and messier. Like a child drawing a circle over and over using a black crayon.

Then I heard a voice from around me saying;

"They have killed themselves"

The blackness began to surround me. Its hair-like tentacle surrounds my neck, tightening its grip. And I tried to spout a word of help but the blackness entered my mouth. It's color dyed my veins and slowly grabs my heart only to squeeze it to bits.

My sight only saw black.

Visions began to fade in. Visions of my past nightmares.

I saw me with red liquid in my wrists, My friends leaving me to sink in quicksand, and my family shouting poisonous words to me. Whilst I saw these visions, I started to decay or wither. Like a flower at the end of its life.

My skin breaking into pieces until a small light was left. This small light, with green thorns around it. Speaking lies to me, forming an illusion.

The voice seemed to be right all along, they have killed themselves.

Yet, despite all of this, the light shines on. Maybe I'm just imagining it because of the books I read? Maybe it just lay from a selfish mind? Maybe there is still hope?

Whatever it is, It'll take a long time before I am restored. Keep in mind, there is still hope.

Passed all these words, I'm just here in our room. The air conditioning on full blast, my sister sleeping at my side and me typing away on my laptop. I feel the freezing air and heaviness in my heart.

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