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July 27, 2017

Updated: Aug 4

Something pointy

This is just a little bad dream I had while I'm having a problem. The problem? I don't wanna talk about it, so I'll just tell you about that bad dream. Actually, I had multiple weird dreams during that "phase". This is just one of them.

I woke up in this hospital hallway. A hallway that was abandoned, like the nurses and patients just suddenly left in a hurry. It felt like a clichè in a horror movie, but I didn't think of that during the dream. I began walking in the direction of the far end of the hallway. I didn't know if it was right or left, north or south, or somewhere. I just know that my feet are suddenly making me go somewhere. Somewhere I didn't know. I then came across a door at the end of the hallway in which I opened and entered without knowing beyond what's inside. There I met my mom who offered me to sit in some kind of torture chair with the straps and stuff. Why is my mom in this dream? I don't know, it's just a dream let's not bother to ask. Weirdly, I accepted the offer and sat in the chair in which my mom strapped in. I swear it feels like I'm hypnotized in this. My mom then pulled a trolley with some large needles and syringes. She then proceeded to puncture deep into my left arm and there was a lot of blood spilling from my arm. I, obviously, was terrified but I couldn't scream for no reason whatsoever. Instead, I was really hard, like I'm having seizures. Mom just kept pushing the needle inward with an emotionless face and looking me dead in the eye. It's almost like she's not recognizing me as her child but a stranger who she hates (in short, like an enemy). Thankfully I was able to wake up in the morning. 

It was weird and scary. It made me scared a bit for a day or two but I was able to get over it. Well, what do you think? It depends if you think this is scary. It's just a story I had in one of my past journals, I obviously put some more stuff and details since you can't really remember much in dreams or nightmares. Well, that's my opinion on it.

                                       ~ DEN