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The newspaper club (Chapter 2 Draft)

I heard a loud boom in the distance but luckily all of us are safe here underground. Children cry as the attacks went on. I could only hear a mix of guns and grenade blows with the cry of an innocent newborn. The residents of this town abandoned their homes for safety and fear of the Japanese forces. I recall having old hands similar to the hands of a mid adult. And as I look at the glossy eyes of a mother holding a baby, a child begging for food, and a senior couple holding each other I could see my reflection from all of their eyes. I could see a man that used to be alive and well. A man that used to have a normal job at the bank but now wore a soldier's uniform and gun. A man that has a wife and children to feed. A man I knew from my family's old photo album. I held the gun tightly as I await the signal. And In an instant, we saw it, and immediately charged above. I ran, thinking of protecting my pride as a man; Protecting my this nation; protecting my family. With each bullet, I fire I could see their pain in their eyes. As well as mine. I continued to run, then two bullets punctured my left leg and right arm. My gun dropped to the ground as I also fell. Now I lie here taking all the scenery. All the bloodshed as one by one my fellow men drop dead from the attacks of the Japanese. It somehow feels nostalgic for me as I tasted iron on my lips and my consciousness fading. A shadow looming over me was the only thing I remembered.


"C'mon Eva, we're gonna be late for the enrollment! You know how long the line is right?"

"I'll be there on a sec mom!"

I tried to quickly put my clothes on as fast as I can but instead, I fell on the ground from all the scattered clothes I didn't pick up. My mom heard a thud and went upstairs to check up on me.


We were driving along a long strip of highway and I was listening to the music from the CD player. Though, it's pretty hard to listen since Mom and sis are talking too loud. I could see buildings with a mix of overgrown weeds or vines. Just like the old hospital, we passed that was said to house ghosts from the failed operations there. No one can ever enter there since it was shut down by the owner but I can't help wonder sometimes about this place. Maybe it'll be my next new content for my blog and people would be at awe with me saying "So brave!" Or "You're a hero!". I wonder if you could meet the ghosts there dad? Can you talk to them? maybe you could tell me about what happened. Nah, I won't bother you with something that trivial dad. And besides, I'm just keeping my blog as an anonymous person's diary. They won't know who I am. In the meantime, Just be at peace up there okay?

I'm sorry, I'm getting off-topic here. The three of us are scouting for schools or as I call it, "School hunting". 

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