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The ocean above

Look up and you can see, the beautiful and vast sea.

What kind of sea? You asked.

A sea where the wind splits and flocks of bird rule.

The beautiful heavens that we once believed in.

A beauty that was once untouched by man.

One question was all it takes to bring a man’s dream to light.

‘Why not create iron birds?’

And with that, it sparked something inside man’s heart.

The people began to work on creating iron birds and reach the treasure.

The treasure of seeing the heavens and fly with the birds.

They worked hard.

People full of ambition and greed.

Day and night, not stopping until they create the damn thing.

One day, a man finally did it.

They created the iron birds.

They lifted off the ground and the chills and joy spread inside them.

They finally made it.

The man began to mass-produce these iron birds and slowly a race was formed.

A race to reach the highest point of the heavens.

Each person having their strategies and cheats.

Man formed enemies with themselves and war broke out.

The Iron birds became weapons of destruction and as time passes, the time of peace had begun.

The man blamed it on the machines and filled it with corruption.

Do they reach the highest point?

Some would say that ‘they did’ while others, such as myself, don’t believe it.

I don’t believe it because those who reached it never tell their tales.

I was once greedy and reached the heavens.

I felt myself become light.

By the time I reached it, I never got down.

Only my memories are what’s left of me.

I will know how I got myself to tell you this.

I might never know.

Remember this;

A dream, a quest, a nightmare, an obsession.

That was how man created these machines.

How they reached the heavens.

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